Whatever your little ones’ bedtime routine is, many parents say it’s their favourite time of the day.

Yes, babies and kids can be tired and a bit grumpy by then, but it can also be a magical time, when you get to snuggle up with your little one and read them stories, or chat about your day. Those are the moments that we’ll probably remember when our children are much bigger and have outgrown being read to, before bed. There are lots of benefits to incorporating a bath into your child’s bedtime routine – as well as keeping them fresh and clean (a must if they’re a messy eater or if they like jumping in muddy puddles!) it can help to relax them, give them time to play and splash before bed and act as a cue for going to bed.

Start with Love Boo Very Gentle Top-to-Toe wash to get them clean, then use either our massage oil or Kind & Creamy Baby Lotion on their skin before spritzing their bed sheets or pillow with our new Pillow & Room Spray, to really get your little one ready to drift off to the land of nod. We’re giving away all of those products plus a beautiful night light from White Rabbit England.

The rabbit night light is made from bone china and is made in England exclusively by skilled craftsmen in the Staffordshire potteries, each one is hand made and hand crafted to an exacting standard. This lamp is sure to make a beautiful addition to any baby’s nursery or child’s bedroom.

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