Me-time is a phrase that’s bandied about a lot – especially when it comes to us parents. But it’s easy to get so caught up in the day to day whirl of life, you forget to focus on yourself at all.

Your little ones needs will always come first, but there’s definitely truth in the advice “Happy mummy, happy baby”. If you’re not happy, then it’s much harder to meet your child’s needs. So let’s ditch the me-time guilt – it’s as essential a part of being a mum as changing nappies, or doing the night feed.

With that in mind, and to celebrate Mother’s Day, we’ve got a brilliant giveaway which will help you enjoy some quality relaxation time! We’ve teamed up with Don’t Buy Her Flowers – a fantastic site where you can buy gift packages for new mums. Set up by the lovely Steph, it allows you to buy a gift package of things that she really wants. “When I had my first baby, I received eight bunches of flowers,” explains Steph. “We didn’t have a lot of space and we certainly didn’t own multiple vases. I had to give them away or bin the least fresh to make way for the most recent. I also felt completely overwhelmed with everything – the baby, the visitors, the bodily functions – and trying to arrange flowers and then dispose of them was all a bit much, however pathetic that sounds. I found that other parents felt the same and Don’t Buy Her Flowers was born.”

Our prize includes the Care Package from Don’t Buy Her Flowers (a magazine, scarf, tea, chocolates and flapjack) plus a Love Boo Miracle Oil and Bath Soak. If that’s not everything you need for a chilled pampering session, we don’t know what is! To enter, simply comment on this blog post, telling us why you deserve some extra special me-time. You can gain extra entries by following Love Boo and Don’t Buy Her Flowers on Twitter, visiting both Facebook pages and tweeting about the giveaway. Don’t forget to fill in the Rafflecopter box below for your entry to count. Good luck!

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