Love Boo blogger Polly reflects on how her three daughters have bonded with their new baby brother…

My first three children were all born fairly close together and life was a whirlwind of babies and toddlers while they have all grown together. Adding a fourth baby into the mix, after an almost six year break has meant that I’ve really been able to enjoy watching them bond. I was worried about how they would adjust, especially the youngest, who had been the baby of the family for many years. They’ve proved themselves to be amazing big sisters. Watching the love they have for their little brother, from before he was even born, is just beautiful. When I told them I was in labour and he was on his way, there were squeals of excitement {from them… my squeals were something else!}.

Our middle daughter has turned into a right Mother Hen – she’s changed the baby, dressed him, soothed him when he was sad, played with him and read him stories. Even the six-year-old has helped with a few nappy changes! Now, at four months old, you can see that the feeling is mutual. My son Vega is desperate to be up and with his sisters. He watches them around the room, keeping a check on where they are and what they are doing. He loves to sit in his highchair and watch them play and work {and eat}. If he’s sad or cross, his sisters never fail to make him smile. I’m pretty certain he saves his biggest smiles for them. Watching the love between them grow each day makes me so happy, I can’t wait until the day he can sit and play with them.

The joy of having lots of children really is watching the relationship between them all grow. Polly is a 33 year old wife, mama, blogger, indie business owner, crafter and nester! She lives with her husband, their three daughters and son in a small town in North Wales. They share their home with two cats, two guinea pigs and three chickens. Polly homeschools her daughters and they spend their days covered in glue and glitter! Read her blog at and read about why she loves being pregnant.