Thanks to the generosity of friends and family, not to mention the big man in red, most families are now sinking under the weight of all the new games and toys that need a home.

With that in mind we asked some of our favourite UK parent bloggers for their top toy storage hacks – and what they have come up with is simply genius!

Rachel from Coffee, Cake, Kids suggests ziplock bags for puzzles.

“Take acphoto of the puzzle and stick it on the front of the bag and then put the puzzle inside. They take up much less space than boxes” 

If you have an abundance of cuddly toys to home then Mummy Barrow’s top toy storage hack of getting a small hammock and hanging it on the wall to store small cuddly toys is just what you need.

“it's such a simple thing, super cheap and looks cute too!! Kids can tidy up by "making teddy fly" into it from the other side of the room”

Two Little Misters has written a great post on Top Toy Storage Hacks packed full of toys tidying solutions.

Upcycling is always a great idea when looking for interesting toy storage hack ideas as well – and Emmy’s Mummy has great tutorial on her blog on how to make a personalised wooden crate. “We've these in the hall so kids can put things in instead of on the floor. We have one each so keys, gloves, glasses etc don't get lost”

Top toy storage hacks

Alice from Project: Wanderlust suggested a toy rotation system. “When the girls were small we found having boxes of toys downstairs that we changed about each month kept them engaged and stopped things from being discarded. We would keep all of their toys in their rooms, just bringing down a fresh selection every four weeks or so. This worked until they were about three or four”.

Aside from storage, another great tip is to regularly sort and de-clutter your children’s toys, making three plies while doing so; Keep, Store, Sell/Gift.  In the ‘Keep’ plie should be all the toys the children still play with on a regular basis, the ‘Store’ pile can be filled with those toys that are currently not played with but may be handed down at a later time to a sibling, and the ‘Sell/Gift’ pile will be home to those toys that are no longer needed and can be sold on or given to charity.