In the first of a new series of blog posts from Love Boo loving mums, we look at how important me-time is. This post come from Kerri-Ann, a mum of one who blogs at Life As Our Little Family and she says she needs to make herself switch off more… I often find myself saying ‘I wish I had more time for myself’. I don’t know where my ‘me time’ has gone since becoming a mummy. You know what I’m talking about, that little bit of time where you get to do whatever it is that makes you smile, that makes you happy. Those few minutes to switch off, which keep you strong for when your toddler wakes you 3 times in the night despite your 6am alarm to start a full day at the office. After a long hard day, I like to relax in a bath with a toddler, a dog, the Hulk, Spiderman, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, a dinosaur, a crocodile and froggy. That is the reality of ‘me time’ since becoming a parent.

Making time for myself has never been so important. Since becoming a mummy it is something which has gone by the way side. I hadn’t noticed until recently what an effect that has had on me. I’m not talking about long weekends away with the girls or heaven forbid my husband. I am talking about an old fashioned bath. Time to relax. Finding a way of putting myself back on the priority list and guilt free just seems such a difficult combination. I recently (after three years) made a pact with my husband. We have a plan. Whether it’s once a week or twice a week, basically whenever I need to, I will have my hot bath, alone and for as long as I can stand it! Uninterrupted. With a glass of wine, a sweet treat or simply reading a book.

I will claim back my ‘me time’ and I will not feel guilty. Don’t get me wrong I will shower each day, with an audience no doubt! That will never change. I am a mummy after all! However, my weekly treat of a long hot bath will remain sacred and just for me. No interruptions. After a long hard day at the office that sounds heavenly right? How do you factor in me time? Kerri-Ann is a 30 something devoted mummy to Lil G, her 3-year old toddler and her dog Alfie Bear. Living in Staffordshire along with Mr H, she works full time and loves tea, baking, fashion, all things house, and beauty and vintage floral prints. Her blog, Life As Our Little Family is a journal of their life together.