Fritha Quinn is a mum of one with another baby on the way. From her home in Bristol, she runs a hugely successful blog – Tigerlilly Quinn – and an online shop too. One day, she might be vlogging about what she’s bought ahead of her baby girl being born and then next she might be heading to Copenhagen and blogging about the brilliant family-friendly activities there. Her husband Tom and three-year-old Wilf feature in her blog, and here we meet Fritha and ask her about family life and how she juggles everything…

Fritha, tell us about your blog & why you started it!
I started my blog as an illustrator wanting to showcase my work in the hope of connecting with other illustrators and building a space for potential clients to look at. This quickly became a space where I started to document the things that inspired me be it art, fashion or interior design. As my blog grew, I started documenting my life, buying a house with my now husband, our life in Bristol. I soon realised that these posts were hugely more popular than the ones where I showcased things I liked. After I became a mum three years ago I fell into the world of parent blogging and I would say my blog took off dramatically from there. Now my blog is predominately about my life with my little family and the things we get up to. You also run a shop – which are your favourite products that you stock? This changes constantly! I’m a big fan of Scandinavian design so I love anything by Omm Design. Some of my favourite pieces are the Studio Matryoshka animals and the mix and match animal game – such unique and colourful children’s items without being in anyway garish.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! How has this pregnancy differed from your first, so far?
It’s been so different! It’s quite interesting to me how contrasting both the pregnancies have been so far, I often wondered if people could ‘really’ tell if they were having a boy or a girl but almost from the offset I’ve had symptoms that have differed from my pregnancy with Wilf so I was 90% sure we were expecting a girl this time. With both pregnancies I suffered from morning sickness but much less so with this one (going against the old wives tale of being more sick with girls interestingly) I was also poorly in the evening more than in the morning. I’ve felt extremely emotional and hormonal and although I certainly was to some extent with my first pregnancy not to extent that this one has brought me to! There is a theory that women carrying girls can test for hormone levels up 18% higher than a pregnancy with a boy, this would certainly ring true in my case, I can barely get through an advert without sobbing lately. My bump is also very different, with Wilf it was like someone had stuck a football up my jumper but with this one it’s more low down and spread out. I find it all really fascinating and am eager to see how it differs in the later stages of my pregnancy too. You blogged about suffering from morning sickness – any tips on dealing with it? I won’t say there is any magic cure (I so wish there was!) but something that has really really helped me in both pregnancies is acupuncture. It was something i discovered quite late on the first time round and really helped take the edge of the sickness. This time I booked in from 5 weeks and had been seeing someone weekly until about 16 weeks. It is pricey but in my opinion you can’t put a price on anything that helps during those first few months.

What have been your go-to outfits while you’ve been pregnant?
I quickly realised I wasn’t a fan of shopping solely in the maternity department of the highstreet shops. Although they have been great for basics like a pair of pregnancy jeans and a few casual tops (check out Gap maternity for these as I’ve found they are the best for people with a longer torso). I’ve tended to shop in my regular favourite shops but just buy the size up, I’ve also made sure that most of these items will be breastfeeding friendly too making sure I’m getting a bit more wear out of the them. My go-to look are dresses with a cross over front or buttons, I’ve bought a fair few pieces in the current Boden sale actually and they make me feel like I’ve not lost any of my pre-pregnancy style. Which skincare and beauty products have you been loving? When I remember I always do a full body moisturise. I’m lucky in that I didn’t get any stretch marks previously or so far in this pregnancy which I think is probably down to genetics more than anything if I’m honest. I do think it’s really important to moisturise in general though and I tend to go for oil based lotions for my tummy and legs and thicker creamier types for my face. I also love making time for a good old bubble bath, there is something so relaxing about taking half an hour to just fill a deep bath full of bubbles and do nothing.

How is your three year old, Wilf, feeling about being a big brother?
He is so excited which we were very relieved about! I think being that bit older he can understand a little better and he’s very involved with all our conversations about the new baby. He was quite insistent on a sister so I’m quite glad we didn’t have to deal with trying to persuade him otherwise but he’s very keen to fulfil the role of ‘big brother’. He did mention a few times that the baby shouldn’t share his room until it doesn’t cry though as he wouldn’t like to be woken up! Any tips on juggling a pregnancy, toddler and business?! I wish I knew the answer to this! On most days I think I have the balance right, Wilf attends child care two days a week and my husband has one day off in the week which is a ‘daddy/son’ day so I tend to have a three day working week in which to plan posts, pack orders and all that comes with running two businesses. I try really hard to make sure that my two full days with Wilf are solely about him and not about checking emails but inevitably I do have to do a bit of work on these days too. I’d say the thing I find the most tricky is ‘switching off’ and we’ve recently decided to set an actual work day for me which means evenings are not spent in front of the laptop and weekends are for the most part work free also. I think thats the thing with running online businesses, the internet never stops so we could be glued to it 24/7 if we let ourselves!

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