It’s SO EXCITING to discover you’re pregnant – there’s so much to think about and plan, so many books and magazines to read and you know that very soon, everything is going to change! One of the first things that can change is how you feel. The change in hormone levels in your body can cause tiredness and nausea- not easy when you might not yet want to tell people you’re pregnant! But there are some really easy things you can do to try to combat morning sickness (which unfortunately, contrary to its name, doesn’t just occur in the morning!).

Here are some of our favourite tactics…

Get out of bed slowly and if you can, eat something before you get up – the sickness feeling is thought to be linked to blood sugar levels, so many women find that by nibbling on a biscuit before they get out of bed, it helps stop a wave of nausea hitting. Eat little and often – try to keep blood sugar levels stable and choose carbs like potatoes, bread or rice.

Drink lots of water – staying hydrated is key, especially if you’re being sick. Keep crackers in your bag – having something to nibble on throughout the day with help, so keep some crackers in your handbag in case you start to feel sick.

Get lots of rest – tiredness can make the nausea feel worse, so go to bed early and put your feet up as much as you can. Try eating ginger – many women find eating ginger (in a stir fry or even eating ginger biscuits) helps with the nausea.

Try acupuncture – if your morning sickness is really bad, some women swear my acupuncture or acupressure to relieve the feeling.

You can buy travel sickness wristbands which could help. Remember that morning sickness is actually a good sign that your pregnancy is developing well and the correct hormones are being released, try to feel grateful for it. (Difficult when you feel queasy and exhausted, we know!)

It should ease up some time between weeks 13 and 20, and then you’ll be into that glowing stage of pregnancy!