Love Boo blogger Polly has four children, so knows a thing or two about perfecting the art of the bedtime routine…

With all four of our babies, we’ve followed roughly the same basic bedtime routine from them being around 6-8 weeks old. Maybe it’s just luck or coincidence but we’ve been blessed with babies who’ve slept fairly well. While I’m not a huge stickler for a strict routine, I do think that babies love to know what is coming next and giving them cues for bedtime really does help. Here are my top tips for creating a peaceful bedtime routine for your little one: Let them lead the way… by around 6/8 weeks old, I can notice a natural rhythm to my babies sleep/wake routines. If you notice they naturally settle for a longer period at around the same time each night, use that as your starting point for bedtime. You can always tweak the times later on.

Differentiate between night and day… During daytimes I like to keep it bright and loud – I don’t dim lights or quieten the older children for feeds or naptimes. When it’s time to start settling them for bed, and through the night, I keep it as quiet and as dark as I can. Bath before bed…. I give my babies a bath as part of their bedtime routine. A quiet, warm bath using some lavender scented products can help them unwind as well as be a cue that it’s almost time to sleep. Snuggle time… After bath time, keep it quiet and calm. Dress them in their PJs or onesie, snuggle up together and read a book or sing some lullabies. Fill their tummies… babies need full tummies before bed, so let them snuggle up while they feed, then once they are drowsy pop them down for the night. Be patient… all babies are different – some will sleep for hours, some will wake every single hour for a feed. Try and remember that this is just a phase and won’t last forever!

Do you have any tips for creating a great bedtime routine? Polly is a 33 year old wife, mama, blogger, indie business owner, crafter and nester! She lives with her husband, their three daughters and son in a small town in North Wales. They share their home with two cats, two guinea pigs and three chickens.

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