When you have a child, it’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day routine – have you done the laundry and does your little one have enough clean vests for the week?

What are you feeding your family that day and is that veg in the bottom of your fridge still fresh enough to eat? With all the organisation involved in life, it’s not hard to forget about romance! Having a ‘date night’ as a couple is something which divides us – some love planning date nights and some think it’s daft and a bit cringey! But whatever your feelings on date nights, it’s important to spend time together as a couple and remember the reason you got together in the first place!

We asked some mums for their top tips on having a best date night ever and here’s what they said…

“The thing that really makes a date night for me is if my partner makes the effort to organise the childcare. It’s a really small thing, but it’s so nice not to have that responsibility!” Jo, mum of two, Somerset.

“It’s about reconnecting, isn’t it? So the name, the venue, the activity doesn’t really matter – it’s just about the person you’re with.” Lottie, mum of two, Bristol.

“Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves! If you’ve had a tough week of work and parenting then just pop out to a low key restaurant for dinner – forget fancy clothes and a ‘big night out’ (unless that’s what you really fancy doing!)” Bryony, mum of two, Milton Keynes.

“Not calling it date night works for me, to be honest, as it adds to the enforced fun pressure! My top tip would be to not overcomplicate it, do things you both enjoyed doing pre-kids anyway, rather than trying new things just because you don’t get out much. And, if you actually would rather spend date night with other friends, having fun as a couple, I think that’s fine too. That’s what we do!” Eleanor, mum of one, Bristol.

“I love the ease of making time, just us, at home. But that’s probably because I’m pregnant and don’t feel as comfortable sat in a cinema, or staying out late. On Valentine’s Day, my partner Mark’s cooking us a meal and that means more than a night out for me, as I’m the main cook in the family. It also means I can have a lazy bath and relax, rather than squeeze myself into clothes and panic that I don’t look nice!” Charlotte, mum of one, Cheshire.

“We’ve started doing daytime dates – so we take the day off work and go for lunch or to see a film. It saves money on a babysitter and you get a little longer so it feels more leisurely!” Kathryn, mum of three, Harrogate. What’s your favourite thing to do on a date night?