Love Boo blogger Kerri-Ann shares her tips on flying with a little one… As we recently planned and survived our first flight with our four year old, I thought I would share with you our Top Tips for flying with a small child. The little things which worked for us. Which left us sailing through check in. Winging it just isn’t an option for our little family you see. Neither is upgrading to first class! We all love a plan and plan we did! If truth be told we were nervous. It was our first time flying and as the flight was only 1.15hours in duration there was no guarantee he would nap. Would it scare him or would he take it in his stride?

My husband isn’t a huge fan of flying because of the effect on his ears, therefore we were also a little worried that the same would happen for our little boy. It all comes down to the preparation. We asked several friends and they all pretty much said the same. Toys and an iPad. However, the difference was that all their children had flown several times and from a young age. This was our first time. What did we do? Check in online With most airlines you are able to check in online in advance, which helps to speed up the process when checking in your baggage. We did this with our little boy who got quite excited about choosing our seats. In addition if you only have hand luggage you can whizz straight through to security. Unnecessary queuing with a little one. Parenting win. *Extra tip, do this at your earliest convenience as we saw some families separated It’s all in the bag Choose your hand luggage wisely.

We flew with EasyJet. As our boy is four, he had his own seat and luggage allowance therefore we used his suitcase to hold the essentials in the event of a toilet accident, sun cream for the other side and toys to play with. We took that as a carry on. We also had a rucksack for Mr H’s carry on and as big a hand bag as I could carry! Choose wisely. Lil G also carried his own rucksack which held a few small handheld toys. Such a cute little bag which I would highly recommend. Mr Independence.

Snack boxes We filled lunch boxes with his favourite snacks which due to him being under four at the time could be enjoyed before and during our flight. Home comforts go a long way. Under a certain age (I believe this is 4) you are allowed to carry water and milk through security and onto the airplane which again is worth remembering. * Don’t forget to pack lollipops for take off!

Entertainment We packed a variety of toys for our boy. Books, a magazine with stickers, crayons, the iPad and his headphones, handheld toys for ease and his favourite soft toy or character. They all worked a treat. The build up As it was our first flight we were very keen to build up the event. Right back to the photo for his passport. Showing him our flight path on a world map. Pointing out airplanes in the sky. Allowing him to choose his bag for the trip and of course what toys he wanted to take with him. His imagination went wild and for week’s he played airplanes with his toys. It worked. By the time we arrived at the airport he was beyond excited. No fear. A joy. * One extra tip, we weren’t aware that children under 5 are allowed to board the airplane as a priority.No long wait at the boarding gate. Whoosh you’re straight through! A nice surprise for us.

Happy holidays! Kerri-Ann is a 30 something devoted mummy to Lil G, her 3-year old toddler and her dog Alfie Bear. Living in Staffordshire along with Mr H, she works full time and loves tea, baking, fashion, all things house, and beauty and vintage floral prints. Her blog, Life As Our Little Family is a journal of their life together.