Holiday season is here again and many of us are jetting off to catch some sun and relaxation time. But when you’re pregnant, it’s normal to be a bit concerned about getting on a plane.

The good news is that if you have a normal pregnancy with no complications, you can safely fly up until 37 weeks. Here’s everything you need to know about flying when you’re pregnant…

Is there any risk to the baby when I fly?
No, if you have a regular low-risk pregnancy, there’s no evidence that flying affects your baby in any way.

Is there any risk to me, when I fly during pregnancy?
There’s no risk but certain things may happen to your body, especially on a long haul flight. There is a risk that fluid could collect in your lower legs which can increase the chance of a blood clot which can travel to the lungs (Deep Vein Thrombosis). You should wear elastic compression socks but get them from your GP as they can measure you and give you the best possible size, rather than buying regular flight socks from the chemist. Also try to walk around the plane as much as possible, to get the blood flowing around your body. Stay well hydrated too – drink plenty of water before and during the flight.

When shouldn’t I fly?
The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists suggests that it’s safest to travel before 37 weeks, if you have a single pregnancy. After this, labour could happen at any time, so it’s wise not to fly. If you have a multiple pregnancy, they suggest not flying after 32 weeks for the same reason.

Will my airline ask for a letter from my GP?
It varies from airline to airline but they may well want a letter from your midwife or GP which confirms your pregnancy is healthy and normal, if you’re over 23 weeks pregnant.

Will flying in my third trimester increase the chances of labour?
No, there’s no evidence that flying will encourage labour, but if you’re concerned, weigh up how vital the flight is and make a decision you’re comfortable with.

Is there anything I should take with me, on the flight?
Always take your handheld maternity notes and it’s wise to take water, snacks to eat regularly to keep your blood sugar levels stable and your elastic compression socks.You might also want to take some Love Boo Magic Balm to keep your lips and hands moisturised!