Love Boo blogger Kerri-Ann on finding your style again, when you become a mum…. Becoming a mummy can change many things. Your outlook, your perspective, your confidence, the amount of time you have available, your priorities and let’s not forget your disposable income. All of which I accepted as part of becoming a mummy. One thing I wasn’t expecting was to lose my love for fashion. I lost control of my sense of style. The way I dressed. The clothes I once felt comfortable in no longer felt right. Quite simply, childbirth had changed me. My body had changed. My confidence too. I didn’t expect these changes to affect my relationship with fashion. I was lucky that my physical size hadn’t adjusted that much it was more a case of how my shape had changed and how loose certain body parts had become. My belly and my arms were the ones which bothered me most. My back and hips were bigger, wider which meant that my clothes were not quite sitting as they once did. I lost my confidence. I lost my way. You’ll be pleased to know I found my way back! It took two years. But I’m back. So strange how child birth can affect you in so many ways. There’s that little old phrase of ‘dressing like a mum’. It gives mums a bad image. Rightly or wrongly. Whether there is any truth behind it Im still trying to figure that out? Does dressing like a mum exist?

Do we all fall into that category at some point either during pregnancy or after childbirth? I know I did. You have to remember to stay true to yourself. Accept that your body has changed. Allow for that when choosing new clothes. If you’re unhappy with your body then do something. Eat healthily. Exercise. I was more active in those first 12 months when I was on maternity leave than I was for the following 12 months. I have put together a little collection of my go to items which I love all move between seasons. These outfits allow you to follow trends without breaking into the savings vault. Which, if you’re anything like me you have to take into account when going on a little spree. My recommendations… 1. Mom Jeans and high waisted skinny jeans are a wardrobe staple for me and hide a multitude of sins 2. A leather jacket – a must piece and so diverse. Wrap up with a scarf in winter or layer a simple vest in summer it can quite easily dress up or down an outfit too.

3. Good shoes. Whether a heel on a night out or a gorgeous sandal for the day. A must.

4. Leopard print. I love this skirt from Topshop. It transfers from winter to summer which for me adds so much value to the purchase. Whether it be shoes or a skirt. Leopard print is an investment.

5. An array of denim. Whether it be a shirt, a dress, a pair of distressed jeans or this seasons must have the ‘denim skirt’ – whatever you do invest in denim.

6. Kimonos. The perfect cover up and so versatile. Wear with jeans, shorts, to the beach or a festival. A huge favourite of mine. What are your staple wardrobe items? Kerri-Ann is a 30 something devoted mummy to Lil G, her 3-year old toddler and her dog Alfie Bear. Living in Staffordshire along with Mr H, she works full time and loves tea, baking, fashion, all things house, and beauty and vintage floral prints. Her blog, Life As Our Little Family is a journal of their life together.