Our latest post from Bonita from Mama’s VIB is perfect if you’re a new mum and short on time. These fast fixes will get you in and out the bathroom in record time!

In the early days of new motherhood just getting dressed in the morning seemed to take forever – and as for showering/hair washing well that can feel like a lifetime. So, it’s no wonder your regular beauty regime takes a bit of a back seat. Of course, as a new mum and you know as a normal person – you still need to do these things. But really there’s no harm in cutting corners to speed things up in the bathroom now is there?

When you need to get ready fast – and no dawdling now –here are some beauty products to rely on when time is of the essence. Admittedly, these aren’t all the prettiest looking beauty buys – but when they save time and do double duty, does it matter? Save that posh bubble bath, luxury lotion and designer make-up for later on. For now it’s really just about getting in-and-out of the bathroom between those precious moments (A.K.A nap time!)

1. EGYPTIAN MAGIC ALL PURPOSE SKIN CREAM – This potion does exactly what it says on the tin. Use it on your face, skin, hair, bruises, cuts, burns, rashes – anywhere. It heals, moisturises and softens. Really you won’t use anything else. Just warm a small amount in your hand to turn the solid balm into an oil and apply.

2. NIVEA IN-SHOWER BODY MOISTURISER – Showering can be done quickly but applying some moisturiser a bit of a time-indulgence – and often skipped. But, this is a mama skin saver. Use after cleaning with your usual wash – jump out of shower, pat dry and you’re done. And, who knows you may have a few spare minutes to dry your hair. With a hairdryer.

3. LOVE BOO MAGIC BALM – This wonder balm does everything from soothing cracked nipples to acting as a lip balm. You can even apply it to your dry elbows and knees. Don’t leave the house without it!

4. COLGATE 2 IN 1 TOOTHPASTE & MOUTHWASH – A holiday must-have and ideal for a new mama. When you barely have time to brush let alone rinse with mouthwash, this is a lifesaver. On particularly hair-raising mornings just squirting into your mouth, gargling and rinsing also works (no judging until you haven’t slept, ate, sat down all day/night…. It will help keep the dentist at bay for a bit!)

5. NARS THE MULTIPLE – An oldie but still a darn goodie. Use on cheeks, lips and even eyes, if that’s your colour. Heck, you could even apply/blend this with a baby on your hip.

6. AUSSIE COLOUR DRY SHAMPOO – OK, so you’ve heard this one before. Dry-shampoo absorbs excess oil and saves you a hair wash and a bad hair day. Right. But, maybe you haven’t tried this? Using it after you have WASHED your hair! Yes, you read that right. You just need a bit of time in the first instance but it saves you time in the end. Still with us. OK, so wash your hair and dry with a hairdryer. Then apply dry shampoo at the roots and rub in – this forgoes the need for styling products (which is what weighs hair down and ultimately causes hair to look lank in a few days time) by adding texture and volume. So, by skipping the mousse/spray/gel (and using dry shampoo) you have given yourself at least a couple more days out of that initial wash. Trust us and go on try it!

7. TEMPLE SPA TAKE A GRIP – A DRY SHOWER IN A BOTTLE – Strange but this actually does work. A gel like body lotion that freshens and revitalises skin in a jiffy. Eliminating stickiness, sweat and a freshening sanitisers – it dries into a silky talc-like finish and gives you that just washed feeling between showers. The fragrance is clean and uplifting so perfect for when you’re feeling partially exhausted (like all the time then!).

8. MITCHAM ADVANCED CONTROL 48 HOUR ANTI-PERSPIRANT & DEODORANT – Now after reading above you may think we’re telling you to skip showers. We’re not. We’re just giving you some options to get your through the day without feeling like a beauty has-been. Mitchum works for 48-hrs. Yes, like 2 whole days. Even if it just means you can skip a wash to get to baby massage/sensory/playgroup on time its worth it. Plus the powder fresh one smells like baby powder….

9. LIZ EARLE INTENSIVE NOURISHING TREATMENT MASK – Think you don’t have time for a mask? You do. Your skin may be feeling a little parched, stressed and sensitive after birth and this little wonder product is just the ticket. Apply to clean skin and leave for 10 mins – and then here’s the best bit – tissue off or rub in the excess for a super-hydrating treat. Why not slap some on before feeding time and let it work while your baby eats and then massage in with your free hand. That mama’s is double-duty at its best.

10. L’OREAL NUDE MAGIQUE BB CREAM – Out of all the BB creams out there this self-adjusting one wins hands down. The white lotion is enriched with pigment capsules that literally bursts into a flawless tinted foundation that can even on occasion save having to apply concealer (and all mamas love a concealer right?) Skin looks perfect even if you know the sleepless-night truth. Bonita Turner is mum to the gorgeous Marnie, 3, and blogs at Mama’s VIB. Having worked in fashion for 15 years, looking after the style pages in women’s magazines, Bonita knows a thing or two about shopping and loves giving tips and advice on her blog. She lives in London with her family and as you can see, both Bonita and Miss M know how to rock a Breton top…