Love Boo blogger Kerri-Ann is about to enter a new chapter in motherhood, and she’s feeling emotional about it… They say parenting can often be a roller coaster of emotions. When I say they, I’m referring to the many friends and authors of parenting books I have read and spoken to who have been there before, got the T-shirt and came out the other side smiling, looking 10 years older but surviving.

They were telling the truth. No sugar coating here. It’s like riding a roller coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach at the minute with our little family. So many ups and downs. Twists and turns. Screams, tears and happy tears. Yes, you guessed it, I’m about to become a School Mum. It’s as much about me adjusting as it is my little boy. What am I worrying about? Will he make friends? Will he cling to our legs on that first day? Will he run off and not look back? Will he recognise his name on his coat peg? Will he be the confident little boy that he is and show them what a super star he is? Will the teachers notice he isn’t quite able to fasten his trousers or will he be running round with his trousers falling down? If he gets a little upset will they cuddle him? Will he lose all his clothes and come home in someone else’s? Argh the money we’ve spent on shoes and embroidered clothes Will the fact he’s one of the younger in the year affect him? The list goes on but mainly it is me worrying over too many small things.

I know this but it doesn’t make it any easier. I will worry but I am also so very excited for him. Hence the emotional roller coaster! And here is how I’m coping …
1) by drinking a lot of wine
2) by eating a huge amount of cake
3) by the fact that he is so excited
4) by booking a little mini break for a few days before school starts
5) by remaining in denial, denial, denial (I have 12 more days to get my act together)

Do you have a little one starting school soon? How are you coping?

Kerri-Ann is a 30 something devoted mummy to Lil G, her 3-year old toddler and her dog Alfie Bear. Living in Staffordshire along with Mr H, she works full time and loves tea, baking, fashion, all things house, and beauty and vintage floral prints.

Her blog, Life As Our Little Family is a journal of their life together.