Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful, exciting times of our lives! But, we’re not going to lie, it can also be exhausting, worrying and filled with learning about what’s ahead. So it’s important that we surround ourselves with things that will make things as easy as possible. Here are our suggestions…

1. A good pillow to help you get that all-important sleep. The Theraline Original Pregnancy & Feeder Pillow (£44.95, won the Gold award for best maternity product at last year’s Mother & Baby Awards, and can be used to cuddle up to, when pregnant (meaning sleeping on your side is easier, while it supports your spine, hips and pelvis) and then used as a feeding pillow when you’ve got a little hungry tot to feed. We love a multi-tasking product.

2. A great selection of beauty products to fake a glow! “Everything you read assures you that you will feel glowing,” says Love Boo founder and skincare expert Jennifer. “But nothing could be further from the truth for the first three months for most women! Aim to fake a glow so that people will say ‘Ooh, don’t you look well!’ – even if you’ve just been throwing up into the carrier bag you’ve started to carry on your daily commute! So, after a shower with Love Boo’s Silky Soft Body Wash (which contains ginger to keep sickness at bay), cleanse your face (Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish can’t be beaten), add a little gradual tanner into your morning routine (Lancome’s self-tanning face gel is great and yes, it’s safe to use during pregnancy!) and add a splodge of cream blush to the apples of your cheeks (I love Paul and Joe’s Creamy Cheek Powder). Oh, and waterproof mascara as your eyes tend to water when you’re being sick – well mine did anyway!”

3. Pregnancy supplements to keep you healthy. It’s recommended you start taking folic acid before you start trying to conceive, and once you’re pregnant, supplements like Pregnacare provide nutritional support for you and your growing baby, including the exact levels of folic acid and vitamin D recommended by the UK Department of Health.

4. Friends who aren’t JUST about drinking wine and staying up late. Don’t get us wrong – there’s always a time and a place for drinking wine and staying up late, but when you’re pregnant, you need friends who appreciate meeting for some dinner and don’t make you feel bad when you’re yawning by 9pm and desperate to get home to bed. It’s not your fault that all you want to do is curl up with your book under the duvet – you’re growing a human, for goodness sake!

5. A pre-natal spa day. Seems indulgent, we know, but when you’re pregnant, you should do everything you can to relax. And if that means booking yourself a little spa day, then it would be wrong not to! Lifehouse Spa in Essex offer treatments for mums-to-be from £55 and it’s popular with local celebs so you might even bump into a TOWIE star! What would you add to the list? Comment below with what has made pregnancy easier for you!