Whatever stage you’re at, being a mum can feel daunting at times. When you’re a new mum, EVERYTHING seems impossible on certain days, and then we have plenty hurdles to leap over when it comes to feeding our baby, weaning, naps and sleeping, childcare, coping with mum guilt… When you think about it, by the time our child goes to school, we deserve a medal! But rather than panic about the journey of motherhood, we should soak up as many tips from mums who’ve been there and done it. We asked some wise and lovely mums to share their number one piece of advice with us.

1. “If your child is refusing to eat anything other than cheese and raisins for lunch, don’t worry. Don’t think about each meal or feed in isolation, but over a day and also a week. It really helps!” Rachel, The Little Pip

2. “My best parenting tip is to be consistent. Don’t ever hand out a consequence and then fail to deliver on it. Even if it’s tough on you and them, it’s the Pavlov’s Dog factor: the more consistent you are, the quicker they will learn what buttons they can’t push, and where they have more flexibility. Plus, I think it makes them feel safe. If they know what to expect from you, and what their parameters are, it takes away some of the risk and worry about what might happen if… ” Helen, Actually Mummy

3. “With babies and toddlers, everything is a phase. So if your little one isn’t sleeping well, or won’t eat what you give them, or is having tantrums, try not to worry. It’ll pass in a few days/weeks/months, it’s totally normal and it doesn’t mean you’re a terrible parent!” Alison, Not Another Mummy Blog

4. “Having been a parent for nearly twenty years now (eeek!) and seeing the fruits of my labour, I would say that the key thing is communication – you want your teens to be able to come and talk to you about things that bother them, so you have to put the work in listening in a non-judgemental way.” Josephine, Slummy Single Mummy

5. “Be kind to yourself. Whether you’re dealing with dirty nappies, teenage hormones or everything in between, remember that you are important too. You need time for yourself so that you can parent to the best of your abilities, whilst finding happiness in other areas of your life.” Fiona, Watching You Grow

6. “My two top tips for mums with small babies are: Get a cleaner so you don’t have to worry about the housework and have an aim for the day (even if that aim is getting dressed.)” Gillian, A Baby On Board

7. “The BEST tip it have ever been given was from my Dad when he said that if your child is screaming and crying in public is to just keep calm and no worry about whatever anyone else thinks. Everyone has been a child or has had a child and it’s happened to them so don’t panic. As it just makes it worse!” Emma, Brummy Mummy of 2

8. “Pick your battles. You’re not going to always win the argument so choose which point is more important.” Kate, Wit Wit Woo

9. “Best bit of advice I ever got came from my nana – don’t worry about bad habits, they’re only little once. Enjoy the cuddles when they’re tiny – everything will slot into place eventually.” Molly, Mother’s Always Right

10. “We all get ‘mom guilt’ when we become parents. It could be from working and being away from your kids, or worrying that you’re not stimulating and educating them enough at home to the endless other worries we have as parents. I know I get upset over not doing enough crafts and writing with my two but I deal with my own “mom” guilt by taking myself out of the equation and looking at it from the outside in and ask myself: Are my children happy? Healthy? Provided for? Smiling? Loved? It helps me realise I am doing my best and what I think is right for them. Parenting is a learning process for all of us and we all aim for the same thing in the end, happy and healthy children.” Jenny, Let’s Talk Mommy What piece of advice would you pass onto another parent?