What’s your favourite children’s book? We’ve all got favourites (and those that we don’t like – anyone else groan when certain books come out to be read?) and actually the books we read to our children not only help encourage them to read themselves when they’re older, but lots of them teach valuable life lessons or help little ones manage emotions. We asked some mums to share their favourite bedtime stories with us… is your favourite here?

“I love The Snail and the Whale. There’s something so melancholic about the meter (I know it sounds daft, but it’s true!). I’m fully choked up by the end.” Lottie, mum of two

“Moving Molly by Shirley Hughes – because it was a childhood favourite of mine (we moved house a lot). There are some books I can’t read as I cry too much (including Dogger and The Paper Dolls…)” Gillian, mum of two

“At the moment, we love Rosie’s Magic Horse by Russell Hoban and Quentin Blake. My favourite artist of all time and a beautiful story about how much make believe really can work. But a close second would be How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen because it’s so funny and makes all three of us laugh.” Eleanor, pregnant mum of one “I like reading poems to my daughter Pip.

My favourite is The Railway Carriage by Robert Louis Stephenson. I also love reading the Alfie books and also longer chapter books where we read one chapter a night (currently we are reading Pippi Longstocking)” Rachel, mum of two.

“There are lots to choose from but one well worn favourite is “Once there were giants” by Martin Waddell and Penny Dale. It helps little kids make sense of the big world and understand growing older. It’s poignant (I always cry) but also reassuring to kids as the family is always there even when she is now “a giant” with a baby of her own. It has an easy readable rhythm and beautiful illustrations.” Claire, mum of four

“I’m going to lower the tone – my girls’ favourite book is called Poo Bum. They would read it every day if they could, it’s bright and colourful, a stupid story and it makes then giggle every time.” Katie, mum of three

“We really love Beatrix Potter in our house – I think it’s the nature element of it with our two current favourites being The Tale of Peter Rabbit and The Tale of Mrs Tiggy-winkle. We also like a Swedish author – Elsa Beskow who does lovely nature based stories – again our favourite too are Children of the Forest and Peter in Blueberry Land.” Laura, mum of two

“At the moment, I love reading Starting School by Allan and Janet Ahlberg – we got a second hand copy a few months before my daughter started school, and it’s great at preparing them for what it’s going to be like. She’s nearly at the end of her first year of school but we still read it regularly.” Alison, Mum of one.

“We love Giraffes Can’t Dance, Tatty McTat, Goodnight Moon for littler ones… Magic Faraway tree is Baya’s current favourite.” Polly, mum of four.

“Anything by Oliver Jeffers is a big hit in our house – he’s a northern Irish boy so we love to support local and his stories are so whimsical and imaginative, and the illustrations are just beautiful!” Mel, mum of two