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How to relax when you’re expecting twins!

By Not Another Mummy Blog’s Alison Perry
Yay! Our favourite blogger is expecting twins! We chat to Alison about growing two babies…

Love Boo: Congratulations on your pregnancy Alison! It’s (7 plus!) years since you had your daughter and now you’re having twins – has pregnancy fashion improved? What are you coveting?

I feel like maternity fashion has definitely improved in the past 8 years …. But it has so much further to go! So many brands don’t do a maternity line, which means you suddenly can’t shop in your favourite places when you’re pregnant. I’ve been ordering online (because in-store ranges are tiny or non-existent) from Next, Asos and H&M mostly. It’s been so warm, I’ve been living in summer dresses and shorts and t-shirts. Plus, slip on sandals because I now can’t bend over to fasten any buckles!

Love Boo: You have a brilliant voice on social media and you’re a real advocate for telling the truth about being a mum, rather than showing an always-glossy version. How important is it to you to show the more gritty side of motherhood?

I think it’s really important – motherhood isn’t glossy. Sure, we all have those heart-swelling moments where our children give us a tight hug or draw us a sweet picture but the reality is that those moments are usually punctuated with tiredness, frustration, guilt, worry and a whole load of other emotions. It doesn’t do anyone any favours to pretend on social media that life is 100% rosy – it can make other people feel inadequate. It’s important not to compare our life to someone else’s ‘showreel’.

Love Boo: We worked together on magazines and you were one of the first people I knew to blog and write on social media – was it tricky to feel comfortable talking about your trials and tribulations so truthfully (e.g IVF, PND and self-confidence issues )

I haven’t found it hard, in truth. I think it’s because writing about these issues helps me process them, and often I get feedback from other people who are experiencing something similar and it makes me feel so glad that I’ve put myself out there and might be helping others.

Love Boo: Do you think that social media can be a double-edged sword in that lots of mums with a messy house and tantruming toddlers can feel inadequate when flicking through Instagram and seeing so many great images of motherhood?

Definitely! I’m guilty of comparing myself and feeling inadequate. It’s something we all do, and we’ve done it long before social media was around but we do it a lot more now it is. I think it’s important to ‘curate’ who you follow on social media. If something is making you feel bad about your own life, unfollow or mute. I’ve just interviewed Lucy Sheridan for my podcast – she is a comparison coach and she has lots of brilliant tips on how to deal with this.

Love Boo: What do you do to relax? Are you a bath and PJs girls? Have you changed your pampering routine now you’re pregnant?

I love nothing more than taking a long bath, with some posh candles burning, some relaxing music playing and a read of a glossy mag or a book. When I’m not pregnant, I’ll sometimes add in a glass of wine too!

I’m moisturising a lot more since being pregnant – I can be a bit lazy about it normally, but I’ve been coating myself in Love Boo Super Stretchy Miracle Oil every morning and in the evening, I usually use the Body Smoother. I discovered them both when I was pregnant last time and I’ve bought them for so many pregnant friends over the years!

Love Boo: Could you give us any self-care pregnancy tips?

Learn to say no! It’s tempting to go at life, at the same pace as normal, but it’s OK to say no to nights out or even things like babysitting requests from friends.

Listen to your body. If it’s telling you to go to bed at 9pm, just go with it. I’ve started waking up between 4.30am and 5.30am most mornings, so by 9/10pm I’m shattered!

Book a couple of pregnancy treatments at your local beauty salon or spa – my back is starting to ache (I’m like an old lady getting out of a seat!) so I’m going to have a pregnancy massage to try to help and soothe the muscles.

Ask for help! People often forget how exhausting pregnancy can be, so ask your partner (or your mum!) to take on more of the cooking, cleaning and tidying at home. We do things pretty 50/50 in our home, but I’ve been doing less and less as the weeks have gone on (well, I am growing two babies!)

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