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How to make every day Mother’s Day

Hello Mummies!

Is Sunday 11th March the one day you may get an extra half hour in bed? Will you be presented with a glass of half-spilt orange juice or enjoy a too-weak tea and a homemade Mother’s Day card and be grateful for it? Well that’s all well and good in our eyes, there’s nothing like being celebrated for doing the best job in the world (and also the HARDEST!) and receiving those ‘best mummy in the world’ cards, really is the best.

However, it does make us think that maybe we should be taking a bit of time out to celebrate us mums every day? We’re not talking a full English brought to us in bed every morning or XXX but maybe, just maybe, by making a few tweaks to our day to day we can make every day sway a little bit more in our favour? Here’s our tips.

Take shortcuts
Motherhood isn’t a perfect-styled Instagram scene. When I had my first baby, my mother-in-law berated me for ‘never dressing him’ (i.e. my son always went everywhere in a babygro). I let it bother me and I shouldn’t have, he didn’t care what he wore so why should I? If you don’t already, follow the amazing Susie Verill’s blog, My Milo and Me – her funny ‘hey, it’s ok’ post on taking shortcuts and not giving a damn is the funniest thing ever

Demand respect
Little ones are never too young to learn that you’re not just a butler in leggings. OK, so we have to do, everything for them but learning ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ is the least you deserve. Demand it from your partner too, if you do everything then it’s easy to be taken for granted. Being a martyr only makes you feel

Ditch the guilt
Got an offer of a babysitter? Your other half offers you a lie in while they see to the little ones? Grab it with both hands! We mums have a habit of feeling guilty the second we step out of the door without our kids and giving ourselves a hard time for enjoying ourselves or doing something just for us. The truth is we mums get on average 17-minutes a day to ourselves (if we’re lucky) so looking after ourselves makes us better equipped to deal with the crappy stuff that comes our way on a daily basis!

Grab a treat when you can
Do you do the classic mum thing of going shopping and only coming back with stuff for the kids? Me too. And they have so much! Next time, make a deal that as and when you can afford it, you get a little treat for yourself, a manicure, a body oil (we know a good one!) or a new top – bet it will be way more appreciated than yet another plastic toy!

Go on give it a go and let us know how you get on!

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