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How scents can calm Baby AND you

I don’t think it would be an understatement to say there’s a lot of anxiety floating around right now. And rightly so, in the middle of a global pandemic, with so much uncertainty, would we be human if we didn’t feel anxious?

But, as people much wiser than me have said, by taking time out to focus on the small things that are in our control, it can help us keep a check on those worry levels. One thing that has helped me is using scent in different ways to relax. Scent gently nudges us to stay in the moment. For me, it’s a reminder that, right now, I’m ok. But how do we use scent to relax?

In the bath

Immersing ourselves in a scented bath is a great way to relax. Natural fragrance extracts are best – take Love Boo Splendidly Soothing Bath Soak for example, it contains natural rose which, not only smells like heaven, has also been found to help with anxiety, panic and shock. The Soak also contains arnica which can help with itchy stomachs that so often occur during pregnancy, as well as swollen ankles.

Natural products can calm and soothe the senses

On pillows and bedding

Lavender has long been known for its ability to soothe problems with the nervous system including difficulties with sleep, irritability, anxiety and panic. Spritzing a lavender sleep spray on to pillow, bedding and around the bedroom before going to bed can promote sleep. Try Love Boo Sleep and Snuggle Pillow & Room Spray which also contains soothing chamomile and patchouli oils. It’s perfect for soothing a fussy baby or too-tired to sleep toddler as well as calming grown-ups too.

Through massage

Can you massage yourself? Yes you can! Self-massage with a naturally scented oil is a thing and we certainly need it right now, whether you’re hunching over a home desk (read, kitchen table) or if your shoulders are rising up to your ears every time you read the news, a simple neck and shoulder massage will work wonders. Try a 100% natural scented oil such as Love Boo Miracle Oil and clasp your hands together behind your neck. Apply gentle pressure with the bottom of your palms and rub up and down slowly. For little ones, try Love Boo Kind & Calming Massage Oil with rosehip and organic lavender, no need for special techniques . (Although there’s loads of online tips) Lots of babies and children like their legs massaging – simply wrap your hands gently around thighs and pull down slowly. The organic lavender scent will soothe her senses and yours!

Don’t forget your hands

As if we could! We’re sure your hands are feeling the effects of (very necessary) frequent hand washing right now. We’re keeping a Love Boo Silky Soft Body Wash by the kitchen sink as well as in the shower. With the uplifting extracts of lemon and ginger (great for morning sickness) these scents are known for creating a harmonious, invigorating mood. Lemon is a natural antiseptic and with the addition of avocado oil there’s an extra dose of moisture in there too. (Tip: While you’re at the kitchen sink, smother your hands in Magic Balm or Body Smoother before putting on your washing up gloves, the heat will open up pores and help soothe those dry hands).

Stay safe,

Love Jenn,

Love Boo x

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