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Can you really prevent stretch marks in pregnancy

Can you prevent stretch marks?

Stretch marks, just these two little words seem to divide us. Either they strike horror into a newly pregnant woman who is desperate to avoid them, or just provoke a shrug and a ‘who cares?’ from others. But what can we do to prevent stretch marks? Sadly, despite what the big brand’s ads tell you, there is no magic treatment, but there are some things you can do to help minimise them.

What are stretch marks?

First of all, they’re super common. As many as nine out of ten pregnant women get them . They are streak-like lines that can develop on the surface of the skin and appear on your thighs, tummy, breasts – anywhere where the skin is stretching. They’re caused as a result of the tearing of the dermis (the layer under your skin’s surface) during rapid growth, (which is why teenagers often get them too and they can also be influenced by hormonal changes.

What can I do to avoid stretch marks?

The stuff that makes our skin (and bodies and hair) generally healthy will also help with stretch marks; so drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fruit and vegetables will provide quality nutrients and maintain elasticity in the skin. Massage can also help treat stretch marks too, use a 100% natural oil, such as Love Boo Miracle Oil daily. Miracle Oil contains argan oil which helps increase skin’s elasticity and is loaded with Vitamin E which is fantastic for keeping skin moisturised and supporting new skin cell growth. Love Boo Miracle Oil also contains almond oil which is a fantastic natural moisturiser, loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which also help premature ageing.

What about old or existing stretch marks – can I do anything about those?

Given time, most stretch marks will fade and become small and silvery and less noticeable. Keep looking after your skin with a good oil or butter and they will become less noticeable.

How often should I use a stretch mark oil?

Daily if you can! Using a stretch mark oil such as Love Boo Miracle Oil not only helps the skin stretch and promotes elasticity, just the very act of massaging can be beneficial too (as well as relaxing). Try gently rubbing in all over your body, focusing on bump, boobs, hips and thighs. If you have dry skin and prefer a rich butter, you can also try Love Boo Body Smoother which is a fantastic stretch mark treat – combine the two for a double-hit of stretch mark fighting








Using a good quality natural oil or butter can really help

What should I avoid?

The jury is out on this one but many natural product enthusiasts advise checking ingredients lists before buying and avoiding the cheap ingredients that some of the big well-known brands include such as liquid paraffin, (which may show up as paraffinum liquidum on your ingredients list). Some critics say that even though it gives the feel of a soft, silky sensation on the skin, it is actually just sitting on the surface of the skin (which is why it can take a long time to sink in). Using a 100% natural oil like Miracle Oil ensures that it sinks in immediately, so no waiting around to get dressed!

Body positivity

One of the amazing things about us all talking and sharing more these days is that we realise we’re really not alone in having stretch marks. There’s an amazing body positivity movement surrounding stretch marks – they are, after all, a sign of the amazing thing your body has done – grown a baby! More and more women are embracing their marks and proudly showing them off, so if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the changes in your body, make sure you follow plenty of body positive accounts (and perhaps unfollow the ones that don’t make you feel good about yourself!) Embrace your body, by all means, treat it to plenty of luxuries, but it’s great to acknowledge the journey it has gone on with you, after all, it’s nothing short of amazing!

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