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Can smells calm your baby?

We’ve all heard that newborn babies can sense when their parents are holding them and in particular can smell their mother straight from birth. But did you know that a baby’s sense of smell develops when still in the womb? As they breathe and swallow amniotic fluid they’ll become familiar with its scent (which also carries the scent of what you’ve eaten so they’ll know all about the Marmite and toast you’ve just wolfed down!) But even more interestingly, particular scents can trigger strong associations and sensory memories for your baby which is really interesting when it comes to calming them and soothing at bedtime, so you all get some well-deserved rest.

Not only will Baby be able to tell when you’re nearby but he or she will also know the smell of the rug she lays on, the buggy she sits in, car seat  or their favourite comforter.

We took all this into consideration when creating our 100% naturally derived Sleep & Snuggle Pillow & Room Spray, adding natural extracts of soothing essential oils, including patchouli, chamomile and lavender to act as a sensory cue for your little one. These smells help your tot to relax, calm down and encourage him or her to drift off peacefully. Then, the next time they smell the same gentle scent, they associate with how they felt last time it worked its magic.

In order to test this out, we sent a ‘sleep pack’ to some of our Mum and Dad testers to see how it worked, and amazingly, they all came back with positive results, especially when teamed with our Love Boo Soft & Splashy Bubbles and Love Boo Kind & Calming Massage Oil as a bedtime routine – check out our Sleep Challenge stories on Instagram to see their feedback.

But don’t just wait until bedtime to try it out – if you’re going on a long car journey, spritz it on the car seat. New childminder? Spritz it on their favourite teddy and pack that with their essentials. Grandma’s house for a sleepover? Make sure she has a bottle to hand – you’ll wonder how you managed without it – even tired Mums and Dads swear by it for themselves! (Just check out our fantastic Lego-inspired Christmas sleep video to find out how it worked on Steve!)

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