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5 Miracle Oil beauty hacks

Don’t you just love a multi-purpose product? When we created Miracle Oil, we’d just had babies of our own and wanted a 100% natural oil that would treat stretch marks, dry skin and that uneven tone and pigmentation that we seemed to be left with. But Miracle Oil is so much more than a stretch mark fighter (although just read our reviews and discover what a brilliant one it is!) Here’s five more fab ways to use your multi-purpose Miracle in a bottle…

Massage your skin
By taking just a few minutes to really massage oil into your skin you’re making it work twice as hard! Not only does massage relieve stress and tension but it increases circulation to give skin a youthful glow and help bring oxygen to the area being massaged. How to: Simply take a few drops of Miracle Oil and firmly stroke into the skin using upward sweeps of the hands. No therapist training necessary (which makes it a lot cheaper, right?!). Plus, I love that you can get dressed straightaway when using it, sinks in like a dream!

Treat split ends and dry hair
Yep, the Argan Oil in Miracle Oil makes it a fantastic hair treatment and it’s super-easy to use. How to: Simply, massage into scalp, hair and ends and wrap your hair into a towel and leave for as long as possible (up to a few hours, or even overnight – just remember to protect your pillow). Wash out the next morning using your regular shampoo, or Love Boo Soft & Shiny Shampoo and your hair will look and feel gorgeous.

Give your face a glow!
Being 100% natural and bursting with luxurious omega rich oils including argan, passionflower and almond oils, means that Miracle Oil is a fantastic addition to your regular facial skincare routine. How to: After cleansing, massage a couple of drops into face and neck. Or, you can give your current moisturiser a boost by adding a drop of Miracle Oil to it and massaging in. – glowing skin in an instant!

Make your own DIY body scrub
Exfoliate and moisturise in one! How to: Put two tablespoon of granulated sugar in a small bowl and mix in two tablespoons of Miracle Oil. Rub into dry skin – voila! Gorgeous, silky skin. I love to do this on shins and heels, not only does it remove flakey, dry skin but when showered off it leaves skin like silk!

Treat dry cuticles
Dry, raggy cuticles can really spoil the look of your nails. They cramp the style of your gorgeous new varnish by making it look uneven and messy. How to: Keep your bottle of Miracle Oil by your bedside (or you can get a cute little 50ml size which is super-handy for travel) and get into the habit of rubbing in to nails, cuticles and hands before you go to sleep.

So there we have five more fab uses for Miracle Oil – do you use Miracle Oil for anything else? We’d love to hear your beauty hacks…

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