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About us

Love Boo was born in 2008 by two ex-magazine editors Jennifer and Corinna who met at the start of their journalism careers. After falling pregnant at the same time with their second children, it was while on maternity leave that the idea for their natural skin care range was born. Jennifer, a beauty expert, had been extensively researching and writing about the preservatives and synthetic ingredients used in beauty products, and their negative effects on both the skin and environment. Corinna meanwhile, had been honing her skills on launching products nationally, as well as display and marketing. With the birth of their respective daughters, the search for kind, gentle yet effective skincare suitable for use on themselves and their families proved to be fruitless. In a phone call to Corinna, Jennifer complained about the ugly grey tubs of nappy barrier cream on offer and suggested they’d do better launching their own range. The seed was planted and two years of research, fact-finding, formulating and design saw Love Boo launch in the summer of 2008.

“Our philosophy was, and still is, simple,” say Corinna and Jennifer, “to create affordable, luxurious products that are effective and kind to all skin types, and that look fabulous too – we want our customers to be as happy with the look of our goodies as they are with the results. From day one, we have always insisted that manufacture stays within the UK to help support home-grown business and to ensure we could maintain a stringent quality control.

Three years later and we’re still as excited and passionate about creating target specific skin care suitable for babies and women both pre and post pregnancy. We’ve worked really hard at building up a trusted reputation through the premium quality of our products and the level of customer care we offer, ensuring an all round positive and happy experience with Love Boo. We feel that quality skincare shouldn’t be an extravagance reserved for special occasions, which is why every one of our products is honestly priced and really does make a difference to the look and feel of your skin. Enjoy!”

We really do welcome any comments and suggestions you may have so please feel free to email us at hello@loveboo.com

Jennifer and Corinna

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